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logo-coolsun is a gentle spray with effervescent, calming and hydrating effect that is unique due to its original effervescent formulation.

The sun is a great source of life, therefore it is important to enjoy it in a healthy way. When sunbathing, the skin’s cells are affected by solar radiation.

Pigmentation is stimulated and heat is stored inside causing dehydration, dryness and even itching and stinging.

This innovative technology and its components give a pleasant feeling of rapid and long-lasting relief, restoring the skin’s vitality as well as relieving and improving its condition after the sun.



Instant muscle recovery after sport. Stiffness and muscular overload is common after playing any sport, especially if you do it intensely or for prolonged periods.

Refreshing and oxygenating action obtained with a single application of coolsport-logo together with toning massage and the crackling technology allow the athlete to feel immediate recovery.  coolsport-logo provides a pleasant, relaxing feeling post-exercise.

Coolsport contains:

–  Hyaluronic Acid
– Chestnut
– Menthol
– Caffeine
– Arnica
– Devil’s claw

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